Our history

MAISON in French meaning House in English, like a roof over a family and YAYA like the first vocalizations of a child.

MAISON YAYA is above all a story of friendship, one that has lasted for years. Then a surprise birth in the heart of an unprecedented economic context ... and the desire to create, to refocus on the essential, craftsmanship, family, handmade know-how, homemade as they say so good.

MAISON YAYA is also the transmission of know-how between generations. From learning to knit and sewing by our mother and grandmother, to the moving memory of the toile de Jouy tapestries laid by our grandparents, not to mention the yardages of fabrics found in the attics of our family houses ... set of skills stemming from the family tradition propelled into modern times, between contemporary aesthetics and environmental concerns.

All as a heritage, values, love and meaning, transposed into the making of handmade fashion accessories for our children.